328 miles completed

October 20, 2018

I first visited Vesper Lake a few years back, and ever since then have been itching to climb the peak. Initially Mike and I were shooting for a sunrise, but after two failed attempts from sleeping through our alarms we settled on a sunset.

The trail is steep and exposed, so when the sun is out going midday turns this trail into a hot, sweaty sufferfest most likely ending in full body sunburns. We got to the trailhead late afternoon and the temperature was perfect as most of the trail was now mostly in the shade. We followed the Vesper Lake trail first through the forest then opening up to Writz Basin.

Once in the basin you essentially head straight up to Heedle Pass between Morning Star and Sperry Peaks. There are a few scattered Cairns along the way, so some route finding is usually necessary.

Beyond the pass we headed straight across a talus field until the trail intersects with Vesper Creek. From there we turned left bypassing the lake, and that is where the fun part begins.

We scrambled up a sea of granite, looking back occasionally at the views which just got better and better the higher we climbed.

We reached the summit just as the sun was starting to set. We found a comfy perch and nestled into the side of the cliffs to watch nature's daily light show.

There's something about watching a sunset that calms me, almost like a cleansing. No matter what happened that day, it can end beautifully and everything will start a new tomorrow.

We began heading down as the moon rose over the jagged peaks, taking one last look from our perfect vantage point before the darkness set in.

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Before attempting Vesper Peak, please visit for hike difficulty, gear requirements, and recent trip reports.