221 miles completed

September 8, 2018

This was one of those afternoons 3 friends went out into the woods, hiked 10 miles to no destination, but still had an incredible experience. Our original plan was to climb Sorcery Mountain, a very untraveled trail in Snoqualmie. In Fact it is so sparsely used, I could barely find any trail beta online. Pretty much all we knew was that we started at the Dingford Creek Trailhead, and after a couple miles you were supposed to turn left in between a creek crossing and a boulder with a stump on it. Seriously, that was the only directions we had. Desite my best efforts I couldn't even find a track on my gps.

This didn't deter Alaina, Tyler, and I. We set out, and after a few miles we saw what we thought was the boulder with a stump, but we weren't sure so we kept going. We hiked for another 20 minutes or so before we convinced ourselves that it was in fact the correct rock… so we turned around and walked 20 minutes back.

We spent the better part of an hour searching the woods and creek bed surrounding the boulder. Eventually we gave up trying to find the trail- at this point we were pretty sure that it actually didn't exist. We were all a little disappointed and none of us wanted to head back to car yet, so we figured that since we were already out here we might as well hike to the lake at the end of the trail. Well we had taken so long trying to find the path to the mountain that it got dark when we were about a half mile from the lake.

At that point we called it quits, and although we pretty much went nowhere, we engaged in some of the best conversations I'd had in awhile. We bonded and came out better friends than when we started the hike just a few hours earlier. The mountains have a funny way of doing that… When you take out cell service, silence the sounds of the city, and surround yourself with nature, it's amazing how much you can get to know another person. And that was my favorite part of the day.

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