My Pledge



One thing my dad and I share is our love of the outdoors. I am so grateful that he passed on his love of adventure to me. Some of my best memories together are from camping trips, hikes, and time spent in the mountains. After several rounds of intensive chemotherapy, I watched as my dad’s previously fit body slowly began to weaken. I watched as his week-long backpacking trips turned into small day hikes, and when daily walks around the park became laps around the hospital. I knew that no matter how hard he fought, he would no longer be able to continue exploring the trails as much as he wanted to. So 6 months after he was diagnosed I created this fundraiser for him as his father’s day present. I wanted him to live vicariously through me in a way by giving him a place he could go to see all the pictures, read about my experience, and bring the mountains to him as best I could. Now that he is no longer with us I will continue my pledge in his honor, to keep his spirit alive.

My pledge is to hike 1,000 miles to raise awareness and funding to help find a cure for leukemia. Every dollar counts, no amount is too small or too big, so I invite you to follow me on my journey and donate along the way!