Mt Ellinor

65 miles completed

May 7, 2018

Mt Ellinor is the southern most prominent peak on the eastern side of the Olympic Mountain Range. The weather forecast for the day looked perfect, so my friend Kaitlin and I set out to conquer it. The trail starts out relatively flat through the forest. There was some low hanging cloud coverage in the morning, but it quickly began to burn off as we started the hike, illuminating the trees all around us.

As the trail began to climb, we broke through the tree cover and caught the first glimpse of the infamous avalanche shoot. With ice axes in hand we started the ascent, slow and steady. Except Kayuh of course who ran circles around both of us. We climbed above the clouds, and each time I looked back the view became more and more beautiful.

We finally reached the top of the schute, thinking we were almost at the top. Allas, as with most climbs, it was just the false summit, so we trekked on. After 3 more false summits, we reached our final destination. And it was worth every step. The neighboring peaks of the Olypmic Mountain Range sprawled in every direction. First true summit of the season and it did not disappoint. I will definitely returning to the Olympics very soon.

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Before attempting Mount Ellinor, please visit WTA.ORG for hike difficulty, gear requirements, and recent trip reports.