155 miles completed

July 22, 2018

This weekend Kayuh and I spent the weekend camping in Olympic National Park celebrating my friend Kaitlin’s bachelorette party with all of my closest friends. I haven’t spend much time in the Olympics and every time I go I am overwhelmed by the beauty of that area. Our campsite was right on the Sol Duc River and surrounded by enchanting moss-draped trees. The weekend was filled with laughter, cards games, campfire stories, and many great memories.

Sunday morning we packed up camp early and the rest of the girls made the 3.5 hour drive back to Seattle. It was such a beautiful day and the thought of spending it in a car sounded less than appealing, so Kayuh and I decided to take a few extra hours exploring the area before heading home. I opened up google maps and saw that there was a trail head directly across the river from our campsite.

The Kloshe Nanitch trail starts by following an abandoned section of Highway 101 before ascending Snider Ridge through a dense forest, climbing 1,700 feet in the first 2 miles. We continued running up the switchbacks and through the trees for a little over a mile and reached the view point with views of Lake Crescent, Mount Olympus and the Sol Duc River Valley.

Kayuh and I were both hot after running most of the 6.4 mile trail. On the way back to the car we found the most beautiful and serene little jetty along the river. The water was crystal clear and a stunning turquoise, really it was almost too good to be true. We never saw another person as we cooled off in the river and then soaked up some more sun. I didn’t think I could top that ending to the weekend, so we ran back to the car to begin the trip back to the city, feeling beyond content with the weekends’ adventures.

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Before attempting the Kloshe Nanitch Trail, please visit WTA.ORG for hike difficulty, gear requirements, and recent trip reports.