43 miles completed

April 2, 2018

The Commando Hike was at the top of my list of things to do in Maui. This hike is not on any maps, nor is there a designated trail. I heard about from a friend who had recently done it and the only information I could find online were from a couple blog posts of others brave enough to attempt it. The “trail” actually starts at a gate along the Road to Hana marked with a large sign which reads “NO TRESPASSING”. Obviously the only way to access it is to hop the gate and wander through a pasture until you hit a river. This river is the trail. Mike and I waded up stream for several miles, deep into the heart of the Hawaiian jungle and hoping that we were going the right way.

We swam through several pools, climbed through roots, and up waterfalls.

The trail eventually leads to one massive waterfall which you must scale in order to access the caves. The goal is to swim through the caves, climb out a storm drain and end at a beautiful waterfall and swimming hole. You can have the entire oasis to yourself and not have to battle the crowds of Hana.

We ran into a slight problem at the final waterfall, the water level and pressure was much higher and much more powerful due to recent rainfall. This made it impossible to scale the rocky face up to the caves. We hunted for a different way around, but as we were looking the weather started to turn and rain started to fall. We knew this was our cue to get out of the area as fast as possible. Flash flooding is a serious danger on the Commando Hike and several have died from getting caught in the caves during these floods. I was seriously disappointed we didn’t get to conquer the commando, but it was still my favorite adventure of the whole vacation. Watch the video below to see our entire expedition!

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WARNING: The Commando Hike is very dangerous and is now considered illegal to attempt due to all the accidents and deaths occurring on this trek.