490 miles completed

June 25, 2019

My legs had recovered from the Enchantments thru-hike a few days earlier so Kayuh joined me on the Boulder River trail for a little weekday trail run. It starts out pretty flat along an old logging road. We could hear the river before we saw it. It wasn’t until we reached the first break in the trees that we could see it rushing below. About a mile in there is a mesmerizing double waterfall, framed by dripping moss and lush green foliage.

Another half mile beyond the waterfall the trail began to climb up and away from the river through the forest. The forest is beautiful, full of old growth trees, several species of ferns, and moss everywhere. The trail eventually drops down again closer to the river and the color is breathtaking. A deep turquoise, scattered with gray, moss covered boulders and white tipped rapids.

After climbing and dropping a few more times, the trail eventually levels up and ends at a small clearing along the river bank. It would be a perfect place to camp, or in our case a perfect spot for a quick rest and stretch before heading back.

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