132 miles completed

july 5, 2018

Summer had finally hit the pacific northwest. Kayuh and I went out for a solo trail run/hike to Alta mountain to enjoy the sun. The trail to Alta Mountain begins at the Rachel Lake trailhead, then continues past the lake for another for another 2 miles to the peak. I had done the hike to Rachel Lake before, but was eager to see what was beyond it. The first few miles are relatively flat, so we ran most of the way to the lake. It was beautiful just as I had remembered, and we stopped to eat lunch and enjoy the views.

After refueling we climbed on to the top of the ridge above the lake and then began the steep hike up the climbers trail to the summit. Wildflowers were starting to bloom and Kayuh was in heaven running through the fields and playing in the remaining snow.

The final push to the summit is along a rocky knife's edge with sweeping views in every direction. From the top we could see Rainier, Hibox, the Chikamins, and several alpine lakes below just beginning to thaw from the heavy winter snow.

I ran the entire way back down, feeling grateful for another perfect day spent in the mountains with my adventure pup.

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Before attempting Alta Mountain, please visit WTA.ORG for hike difficulty, gear requirements, and recent trip reports.