461 miles completed

June 9, 2019

I had made an unsuccessful summit of Mt Adams last year, and ever since then have been itching to get back and complete it. I got my chance when my friends Michelle and Lindsey were down to go after too. All 3 of us piled into the car and made the 5 drive out to the trailhead. We parked, laid down the back seats in the SUV and attempted to sleep for an hour and a half until our first alarm went off. Obviously we snoozed it and slept for another 30 minutes until we reluctantly dragged ourselves out of our sleeping bags and set off to start our climb. It was dark for the first few hours and I'm sure the sky was filled with stars… But honestly I was still half asleep and way too tired to remember.

I do, however, remember the sunrise because that's when I finally started to wake up. The sky looked like cotton candy. A perfect blend of pinks, blues, and purples stretching overhead.

After the colors faded and the sun rose above the horizon, the seemingly endless uphill climb began.

At first we were all smiles, still on an adrenaline high, but I soon remembered what a true slog Adams really is. After several hours of freezing winds throughout our slow trek upwards we were all ready to reach the summit...and when we finally did it was so incredibly worth it!

Standing at 12,280 ft was surreal, the highest I had ever climbed, looking down on miles and miles of land stretching as far as I could see. It was completely incredible and absolutely freezing at the same time. So we cut our summit stoke short and headed back down for a little glissading to end the day.

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Mt Adams requires previous moutaineering experience. Please visit for more information, gear requirements, and recent trip reports.